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SCAD Social Media

At the Savannah College of Art and Design, I initially worked as the University's first eLearning Analyst, coordinating between faculty, students, and online course designers to create, deliver, and support online instruction. In 2006, we moved to Atlanta and I became a Web Producer working to get the new SCAD Atlanta campus site and program information up to speed online.

Finally, in 2009, as a result of my work on, I was asked to be SCAD's first social media manager. I created the university's initial presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr (big at the time!) then photos, videos, and text content to go on those channels, and aggregated all into the "SCAD Social Hub" on the main site to bring it together.

SCAD's online landscape 2009
SCAD's online landscape 2009

While I was the only staff member dedicated to social media, I included all resources of university communications (media relations, interactive services, project managers, etc.), and its technology department. And I actively solicited contributions from students, faculty and staff. I created the KPIs and other analytic benchmarks for success.

After mapping out the many existing and unsanctioned SCAD channels already in social, I organized the first "Social Media Summit" to bring SCAD's 32 degree programs together on social media in the interest of advancing and promoting the university. I wrote and distributed best practices for social media to faculty and staff.

A slide from the SCAD Social Media Summit handouts, 2009
A slide from my SCAD Social Media Summit handouts, 2009

In 2009, we created social cards for the annual Fashion Show and had students hand them out to people in Savannah for the show. These in-person efforts led to significant growth in the online audience and spread awareness of SCAD's reputation for fashion design.

SCAD Fashion social card 2009, front (l) and back (r)
SCAD Fashion social card 2009, front (l) and back (r)

During this period, we also began live streaming at, including the Fashion Show. Many events - the fashion show, Commencement, SCADStyle, DeFINE Art, etc . - were broadcast live online and appeared on the site with integrated social streams. This kind of work put me in the middle to coordinate between the event crews, communications team, administrators, tech folks, and an audience around the world.

A screen grab of circa 2010
A screen grab of circa 2010

I also used a tool called Radian6 to measure SCAD's reputation against competitors. This was a precursor to Google Analytics, SproutSocial, and other social media measurement tools.

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